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Delegation trip to Jordan in March 27-28, pre-workshop in Helsinki in March 7

Save the date for co-creating solutions for crisis in Syria and Iraq with UN, NGOs and government in Jordan on 27-28 March 2019 and pre-workshop in Helsinki 7 March 2019. Finpetra will arrange a joint business delegation to Jordan alongside the Business Finland -organised event. More information below:

UNDP, Business Finland and Ministry for Foreign Affairs are arranging “Regional Resilience & Private Sector Innovation Workshop for Improved Crisis Response” in Jordan in March 27-28, 2019. This event is hosted by the UNDP Sub-Regional Response Facility for the Syria Crisis. Pre-workshop for participants will be arranged in Helsinki on 7 March 2019.

Based on our earlier experiences, local innovators, NGOs, UN agencies, foundations, chambers of commerce note a strong need for agencies and businesses /private sector actors to work together to find sustainable solutions to create jobs, develop refugee skills, empower women and youth, for low-cost housing, waste reduction, versatile energy and water, and for NGOs and International Organizations needs.

The objective is to mobilize a shift in how businesses, UN agencies, governments, local and international non-governmental organizations respond to the prolonged crises in Syria and Iraq. Participants will share their innovative work, get to know potential partners, and generate new, joint solutions to the refugee crisis through local partnerships, innovation accelerators and value chain development in order to make together a stronger impact to improve lives, strengthen the economy and attract investment.

Please note that high-level participation may require adjustments to the above dates.

Alongside the UNDP event, there is a possibility for further business promotion with local stakeholders by Finpetra project /Karelia University of Applied Sciences, contact:

This is a ‘save the date’ notice, the actual invitation with registration instructions will be sent in the near future.

For more information, please contact:

Jyrki Härkki,

Marjukka Holopainen-Rainio,


The Prospects of Renewable Energy Investments in Jordan

8.-9. October 2018

Thank you all for participating to this event – Finland delegation will get back soon!